Vintage.Market.Olomouc (in Olomouc since 2011) sets on a tradition of a popular culture of flea markets. Vintage Market represents a unique opportunity to anyone, who wants to sell their vintage, retro and used goods and home findings. Furthermore, it also offers a wide range of cultural and educational activities (workshops, artistic performances, seminaries) focused on sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

Vintage.Market.Olomouc has become well known for its friendly atmosphere, great (vegan) food, excellent (and fair trade) coffee and many more. It further promotes a culture of DIY and recycling, while also providing newcomers with information about current trends in these areas.

As a foreigner, the only thing you need to do is to contact us, or come to the next Vintage Market, and join the community of open minded people from Olomouc and surroundings.